Accurizing Service

Please make checks and Money Orders payable to Jeff Hankins
Have your rifle completely accurized......$295.00 - plus one box of ammo

Savage Results

The Accurizing Process

  • With premium factory ammo, I will test fire your rifle... three shot groups at 100 yards and determine its accuracy . Record and save this data.
  • Inspect and clean the barrel, action and trigger group.
  • Check the head space, (if out of tolerance the customer will be notified) correction is an additional $75.00
  • Aluminum pillar bed the action
  • Free float the barrel
  • Re-crown the muzzle to an 11 degree target crown
  • Adjust the trigger to a crisp 3 pound pull
  • Install the bases, rings and mount the scope, (customer provided) lap the rings if necessary
  • Test fire the rifle again, and record the three shot group at 100 yards
  • Test target, before and after accurizing will be returned to you along with the type of ammo used in the test.


Accurizing Service Guarantee

I will guarantee your rifle (30 caliber or less) will produce 3 shot groups of 1 inch or less at 100 yards with premium factory ammunition. If the rifle does not perform at this accuracy level you will be charged only $175.00 for the bedding work. Rifles larger than 30 caliber will be guaranteed to deliver groups of 1.5 inch or less at 100 yards.

To have your rifle accurized, contact me at or call me at the shop 1-859-428-2336.

Ship your rifle to:
Hankins Custom Rifles
4875 Lemon Northcutt Rd
Dry Ridge, KY. 41035

Gunsmithing Services

Thread, Chamber and Crown Barrel with barrel makers contour and finish $275.00
Thread, chamber and crown fluted barrel with barrel makers contour and finish $325.00
For metric threads add $50.00
For barrels with extractor cuts add $50.00
Re-chamber barrel to Ackley improved $200.00
Flute barrel with 6 flutes $140.00
Flute barrel with 8 flutes $160.00
Finish barrel to a non reflective glass bead blasted finish $35.00
Finish barrel to a satin sanded finish $50.00
Finish barrel to a mirror polished finish $75.00
Mirror polish stainless steel barreled actions $150.00
Glass bead blast stainless steel barreled actions $75.00
Blue print Remington 700 action. (single point re-cut action and bolt) $250.00
Install Sako extractor (includes all parts) $125.00
Install tactical bolt knob ( knob included) $80.00
Re-crown barrel to 11 degree target $50.00
Muzzle brakes installed on new barrels (brake not included) $90.00
Muzzle brakes installed on factory barreled actions (brake not included) $120.00
Thread protector for muzzle $50.00
Thread AR15 barrels to ½-28 threads $85.00
Flute Bolt (8 flutes) $80.00
Drill and tap holes for scope mounts (4 holes) $60.00
Lap bolt lugs $30.00
Jewel bolt $65.00
Trigger Job $40.00
Install custom trigger $20.00
Clean rifle (barrel, action and trigger) $50.00
Check head space $20.00
Correct excessive headspace (starting at) $75.00
Install bases, rings, mount scope and bore site $35.00
Lap scope rings $25.00
Test fire rifle, five shots at 100 yards and calculate MOA $65.00
Glass bed, install pillars and free float barrel (most rifles) $175.00
Open barrel channel to except larger barrel (starting at) $50.00
Install new stock, pillar bed and free float $225.00
Install recoil pad (pad not included) $50.00
Install Sling studs (studs not included) $25.00
Finish wood stock with gloss clear (starting at) $175.00
Paint stock to one color of choice $250.00
Paint stock with marbleized finish (color of choice) $300.00
Results 3 Stock Painted with red marblized finish over black base coat.
Paint stock with multiple colors call for quote
Duracoat fiberglass stock one color $100.00
Duracoat fiberglass stock, two color speckled $140.00
Duracoat fiberglass stock, three color camo pattern $200.00
Duracoat barreled action $125.00