2017 Was a successful season for my good customer Stanley.  Stanley was able to take two nice trophys with his Hankins built 7mm Remington magnum. Stanly is an avid hunter and loves the long range capabilities of the 7mm Rem Mag.  Stanley has been hunting in Wyoming for years now and has killed game at 275 yards all the way out to 1302 yards. The Antelope pictured was shot at 500 yards and scored a very nice 14 1/2 inches. The mule deer pictured was also shot with his Hankins custom built 7mm Rem Mag at a distance of 351 yards and has a gross Boone and Crockett score of 177. Stanley was using a 180 grain Berger bullet, the rifle is built on a Stillers action, Manners stock, Krieger barrel and one of my custom muzzle brakes.  

Ray Robson set out on a mission to guide his family on a Bull Elk hunt.  His two sons, Joe and Steve, and his two grandsons, Isaac and Matthias, all got lucky enough to draw a Bull Elk tag in the same year (2015).  Joe was the first one to harvest his Bull Elk, followed by Matthias, who is 13 years old.   Isaac, who is 17 years old was next to harvest the 3rd Bull Elk.  Dad (Steve), holding out until all the boys filled their tags, harvested the last Bull Elk for the season.  These guys are serious hunters as they were able to harvest 3 of these Elk in 5 days.  All of these Bull Elk were taken using a Hankins Custom 45 caliber Muzzleloader.  Mission accomplished, Ray!

Joe Marshall sent me these two pictutes of some monster Tennessee Whitetail bucks.  Joe shot both of these bucks with an Encore conversion using 55 grains of IMR 4198 pushing a 275 grain BE with the HIS Ignition System.  Kills were from 91 - 180 yards.  Way to go, Joe!  Keep up the good work.  




This group is from your 22-250 which I bought about three years ago.  Five shot group with norma 202 @ 100 yds.


-Donnie Newberry




Guess I have to send it back:)  The group in the pic was with a cold tube too.  Wind blew all day so accuracy suffered but the rifle seems to love just about every load I shot. The 58 and 65 grain vmax are very very accurate. Going back in three weeks to shoot again with 75 gr vmax added. All the loads I tried were conservative but will try some heaters next time. Thanks for a great rifle.


Mike Schmidt




Hey Jeff!


It's Eric Stack.


I'm happy to report, after barrel break in, this is the first 3 shot pattern with the .243 at 100 meters!  Also please put me on the list for the 275 gr. Pittman Bullets when they come in!  Thanks



I finally got out to shoot the ML today.


I only had time for 9 rounds.  Three shots to get it zeroed (200 yard zero).  And, then my neighbor and I each rotated shooting until each of us had shot a three shot group at 100 yards. 


Not bad for two different shooters the first time out with the ML.



I received this picture from Randy Turechek.  Randy was very successful.  Randy is shooting a CVA Apex 45/70 conversion.  His load was a 270 gr. E-max on top of a veggie wad and 100 grains by weight Blackhorn 209.  

Congratulation Randy on a tremendous Bull Elk!




This is a picture of Kyle Pittman's winning target at one of the Kentucky Challenges.  Kyle was shooting a 45 Calibur Smokeless Powder Muzzleloader with 275 grain BE's and 78 grains of IMR 4198.

Hi Jeff,


Finally got to shoot a few groups today.  To say I was pleased would be very understated.  Thought I would share the results with you. 100 yards off a Lead Sled, conditions were excellent this morning.



Ron Graboski


Hope your doing well.  After being gone (working.....) for all of the main deer season I finally got to go hunt one of the river bottom fields I have permission in.  I got setup and about an hour before dark a little yearling doe stepped out (I tend to be a meat hunter lol).  Ranged her at 536 yds, entered it into my ballistic app, dialed up 8.25 MOA and held 2.5 MOA right for a 4 o'clock 13 mph wind.  Got comfortable (in the prone position) and took the shot.  Hit her within 3 inches of where I was aiming, and she was done.  

Thanks again for a great rifle.  This thing shoots 1/2 MOA all day long even into transonic flight.  My farthest hit so far is a 3rd round hit on a milk jug at 1680 yds.  If conditions ever get right again (meaning if the ground will dry up and get dusty) I plan to see what I can do out to 2000 yds.  I shoot all the time and have got to the point that I never take a practice shot under 800 yds (anything under 800 yds doesn't have the challenge it used to lol).  I now have 612 rounds through the barrel so probably next winter it will be time to have you put another barrel on the gun.  We will see how long it goes before accuracy starts to diminish.

Well, just wanted to let you know that I am putting the rifle to good use.



2015 proved to be another good year for Stanley with 2 antelope taken with his new rifle; a 338 Lapua Rogue built on a Stiller TAC 338 action, Kreiger barrel, with a muzzle brake and a Nightforce scope.  Stan shot these animals at 580 yards and 1,302 yards.  Very impressive shots!

When Stanley goes hunting, he goes hunting!!  Stanley connected with 2 antelope in 2014. One was at 970 yards, and the other was at 405 yards.  This year, Stanley was shooting a 6.5 X 47 Lapua built on a Stillers Predator V, Manners stock, Kreiger barrel with a muzzle brake, and a Nightforce scope.  Stanley loves long range hunting.

Looks like Stan had a good season.  Stan was shooting a 7MM Rem Mag built on a Stiller Predator action and Kreiger barrel.  Stan made one heck of a good shot at 715 yards.  Way to go Stan!!  Keep up the good work.



























2013 Hunting Season

Antelope dropped in his tracks. B&C book animal at 80-2/8"


These photos were sent to me by Dan Pease.  Dan has been hunting with a 270 WSM I built for him in 2007 and has taken some very nice animals with it.  Below are some of his nicest trophies and I am sure there are many more to come.  Dan just received the second rifle I built for him.  Its a splitting image of his 270 WSM but this time he wanted a little more fire power so we built a 300 Winchester Magnum.  He has several hunts booked for this fall and if I was a betting man I would lay some money on him bringing back some more impressive trophies.  Keep up the good work, Dan...

Caribou in velvet. One shot - dropped on the spot. Rough scored 295" B&C.
Caribou, dropped with 1 shot. SCI bronze at 305-2/8"
Elk, dropped in his tracks - one shot. SCI silver at 328-6/8"

Randy Dorroh sent in these two photos.  Each is a target he shot with the rifles I rebarreled for him.  Randy did his own stock work and bedding and I must say from the looks of those targets, he did one heck of a fine job.  The 6 BR Lupua on the left measured .234 for 3 shots and the 300 WSM on the right looks like it would measure under 1/2 inch. *WAY TO GO RANDY*




Message from Jim Z.:  "Jeff, I had to send you this picture! The Hankins Custom 30-06 did the job on this 12 point. I took this buck last week in West Virginia.  It field dressed in excess of 200 lbs, and had a Boone and Crockett score of 172. Thanks again for a great rifle."



These two pictures were sent to me from Doug Davis of San Antonio, Texas.  He shot this big boar hog in the head at 187 yards using 42 grains of Varget and 168 grain Barnes TSX bullets.  He said that this shot was the first shot he fired from the rifle after receiving it from me.  Thanks, Doug, for sending this photo.  Sure looks like fun.



Message from Doug:


"Jeff, we shot so many hogs, we didn't take many pictures.  Here are a couple; the one hanging from the truck was the first shot out of the rifle."



Deer Season 2011


My little brother Jason had a pretty good season this year. Opening day he nailed this Coyote running at about 100 yards.  


Blew the poor thing almost in half.

Then he goes out the next weekend and nails this nice 10 pointer from the same stand. He said the buck came sneaking through trying to get to the corn fields in the river bottoms.  His custom 300 WSM LRT put a stop to that.


I'm still wondering if he is that good of a shot or was it the rifle?

I started off my 2009 deer season by taking these two beautiful girls hunting during the youth season.  They both took their first deer using a 300 WSM Varminter I built for shooting extreme long ranges.  Both deer were shot at over 300 yards.  Each of the girls did their own shooting from sandbags set up in a big tree stand overlooking a 100 acre river bottom full of white clover.




Ivy (15 Yrs old) shot her deer at a fast walk and hit it just a little far back in the chest area.  Still the deer only ran about 50 yards and fell dead.  125 grain ballistic tip bullets at 3800 FPS can do some real damage.




Ilisha (age 12) shot her deer perfectly through the heart and it dropped in its tracks.  It was a great shot for her and she is ready to get out there this season and shoot another deer.  This year though, she says she is holding out for the big boy...


























My 2009 season ended with a good score.  I shot this nice 8 pointbuck on a dead run, chasing a doe, at about 60 yards. My nephew, Garret, was with me and it just made his day to get to watch his uncle shoot this deer.  I had been seeing two nice bucks earlier during the bow season and I knew this was one of them. I had to react fast and shoot or he would have been gone in a flash. Nice way to close out the season, making memories that will last a lifetime. 


























This is the buck I shot in the 2008 Kentucky Deer season.  This buck came sneaking down a fence row at 8AM on the third day of our rifle season.  I shot him straight through the chest from 220 yards.  He bowed up and ran about 20 yards and I watched him crumble to the ground.  That was a good day for me, I took him with a rifle I built chambered for the 6mm Remington using 80 grain Sierra Game King Bullets.  The small calibers can do the job when the bullet is placed in the right spot. Yea ha....





Doug Scott bought a Custom 25-06  from me this year and boy has he ever put the hurt on the big buck population in west Texas.






Doug Has been hunting all his life but told me this has been his best year





I would love to take a trophy buck like that once a year. Doug, It looks like you are in Whitetail Heaven.


























Here's Doug holding the 25-06 I built for him. He said every animal went down with one shot and the farthest shot was on the small Black Buck at 290 yards.  Looks like he was busy dragging all these trophies out of the woods. 


I would hate to see his taxidermy bill...... 



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