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This rifle was built using a Stiller Predator single shot actionm Brux 22 caliber barrel with a 1-9 twist, Stiller picatinny rail, a Bat trigger guard and a Jewell trigger. The stock is a Shehane Tracker in walnut laminate and finished with 12 coats of high gloss clear at my shop.  The scope is a Nightforce NSX 8-32X56 mounted in nightforce rings. 


 308 Winchester Match


Built on a Stiller Precision Firearms Stainless Steel Viper action, a Brux #17 contour barrel with a 1-11.25 twist finished at 26 inches. The stock is a Richard's Microfit Bench Rest style in the Tiger wood laminate, finished off with 16 coats of high closs clear and polished to a mirror finish. The trigger is a Jewell with a bottom safety and set at 4 ounces.  We topped this rifle off with a Leupold 45X45 Competition scope with the 1/8 minute target dot reticle.

308 Winchester Match


Built on a Remington 700 blueprinted long action and chambered for the 308 Winchester, The barrel is a Bartlien 1-10 twist finished at 27 inch with a high polish.  The stock is from Stocky's and has an intergrated dovetail rail placed in the stock for attaching a bi-pod.  The trigger is a Jewell set at 2 onces and the scope is a Nightforce NSX 8-32X56.

22-250 Remington


Built on a Stiller P1000 single shot action 1.550" in diameter and a Krieger 1-10 twist 1.450" diameter barrel and finished at 24 inches. The stock is a McMillan F-Class stock custom painted in my shop in a gold metallic metal flake and a silver pin stripe. The trigger is a Jewell set at 6 ounces and a Bat trigger guard was used. The scope is a Vortex Viper PST 6-24X50 mounted in Vortex Precision Matched Rings and on a custom Bat stainless steel Picatinny rail.

338 Lapua Rogue


Built on a Bat action (modle M) and a Lilja barrel finished at 29 inches with a Harrells muzzle brake. The stock is a Shehane ST1000 thumbhole in an Obeche Indian Paint with several coats of high gloss clear. A Jewell trigger with a bottom safety adjusted to 6 ounces sets this rifle off.  The scope is an 8-32X56 Sightron Slll sitting in a set of PRW rings on top of the Bat 20 MOA picatinny rail.


This rifle was built on a Stillers Viper SS action, with a Bartlien #17 heavy varmint 1-8.5 twist barrel finished at 28 inches with a muzzle brake, a Manners T5A stock custom painted purple with black spider web, a Jewel BR trigger set at 1 lb., and ADL style bottom metal. 


This rifle was build on a Remington 700 blue printed stainless steel short action, Krieger #17 heavy varmint 1-10 twist barrel finished at 26 inches, a Shehane MBR Tracker stock in black laminate, Jewel BR trigger set at 1 lb., ADL Single Shot bottom metal, Leupold VX-3, 8.5-25x50 LR-Target scope mounted in Vortex Precision Matched rings and 20 MOA Picatinny rail.


Remington 700 stainless steel blue printed short action, Hart barrel #5 1/2 contour barrel 1-12 twist with skip fluting, installed muzzlebrake and thread protector, factory trigger set at 3 lbs., Richards Microfit Straightline Thumbhole stock, electric blue with rosewood tip and cap in a high gloss finish, Sightron SIIISS 8-32X56 LRTD mounted on Leupold rings and bases.

6BR Lapua

Built on a Stillers P1000 stainless steel action, left load right eject. Right hand bolt. There are three recoil lugs built into the bottom of the action that allows for a clean design and a great bedding job. The Stock is a custom painted blue marbleized Kilbys bench rest model. The rifle has two barrels. Both are Krieger and finished at 26 inches. One is a 1-8 twist and the other is a 1-14 twist. Both barrels tested shooting in the 2's using Varget powder. The scope is a Leupold Competition 40X45mm with a 1/8 Min. dot reticle mounted in Leupold rings and on a 20 MOA Stiller rail. A Custom Aluminum trigger guard completes this rig.

6.5-284 NORMA .294 NECK 

Stolle Panda Action, Jewell 2 oz. Trigger, Krieger 1-8 Twist 29 inch #17 Heavy Varmint Contour Barrel with Snake Skin Finish, McMillian Hunter Class Benchrest Stock, Painted with Apple Red Candy Clear  over Silver Marblizer and Cherry Twilight Base Coat. Night Force 8x32x56 Benchrest Scope mounted in Kelbly's Rings.  This Rifle is shooting 140 Grain Berger Bullets in groups that measure in the 2's.


Winchester Model 70 Long Action, Factory Trigger set at 2 lbs, Douglass 1-12 twist 27 Inch #7 Contour polished stainless steel barrel with Harrells Precision brake, Aluminum bolt knob and trigger guard, Richards Micro Fit Benchrest Thumbhole stock painted with Apple Red Candy Clear over Silver Marblizer and Black Base Coat.  This rifle shot 1 Inch MOA with Hornady 165 Grain SST factory ammo.



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