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I specialize in long range rifles and muzzle loaders. I build high precision, accurate bolt action rifles in the caliber of your choice, suitable for long range varmint hunting, big game hunting, tactical application and bench rest competition.  I am also offering one of the most powerful and accurate long range smokeless powder muzzeloaders in the world.  These muzzleloaders are built on proprietary components utilizing large rifle magnum primers as the ignition source.




I strive for perfection in every aspect of the rifle building process, from fitting and chambering the barrel to the stress free pillar bedding of the action into the stock. You can rest assured I will build the most accurate rifle possible.


At Hankins Custom Rifles, I can build your ultimate rifle chambered in your favorite caliber. The .223 Remington, 22-250 Remington, 220 Swift, .243 Winchester, 6mm Remington, 6mm-284, 260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5-284, 26 Nosler, 28 Nosler, 7MM STW, .308 Winchester, 300 WSM, 300 Ultra Mag, 338 Edge, 375 Cheytac, and 408 Cheytac are just some of the most popular choices, but I have no limitations in the caliber from which you can select. I can also offer you any Ackley Improved version or Wildcat Centerfire Cartridge.  In other words, my mission is to build you the custom rifle of your dreams.




While it's true that I specialize in long range varmint rifles, I can also create for you a custom lightweight mountain rifle, custom tactical rifle, custom benchrest rifle or a smokeless powder muzzleloader capable of MOA accuracy out to and beyond 500 yards.  You choose the caliber and I'll build it for you.


When I build a custom rifle I use components of the highest quality.  I believe that a fine, complete rifle is truly a sum of its parts crafted by an accomplished riflesmith.  We can't use poor quality components and expect great accuracy results, regardless of the builder's expertise.


The most common action to build on is a Remington 700 (which I highly endorse), however I can build you a fine rifle on a Winchester model 70, Ruger M77, and Savage actions.  I also build rifles using Stiller Actions, Surgon Actions, Pierce Actions, Borden Actions, Bat Actions, Defiance, and Nesika actions just to name a few.

I will build your rifle using a new action supplied by me or you can send your donor action directly to me. 


The choice of custom rifle barrels are limitless.  My favorite choices are Brux, Krieger, Hart, Lilja, and Bartlein.  There are many other fine quality barrels to choose from and I will build your rifle on any that you choose.


The custom rifle stock can be synthetic or laminated wood.  McMillan, Manners, H.S. Precision and Boyds are just a few that I use, but others are available.


I build each rifle one at a time.  By doing so, I can guarantee you the accuracy and flawless operation you have every right to expect.  There is no mass production in my shop!  I am so passionate about my work that I range test each rifle myself.  On my own 100 yard outdoor range, I personally sight in every rifle I build.  There is no indoor range with perfect conditions factored into one of my rifles. Perhaps the greatest confidence I can share with you to say... I won't ship a rifle that I wouldn't take on a hunt myself.


As an alternative to a complete custom rifle, I offer you a semi-custom rifle (Hankins ABR). The ABR is capable of sub m.o.a. accuracy.


In addition, I offer a full spectrum of gunsmith services, including trigger jobs, re-barreling, re-crowning, glass bedding with aluminum pillars, and custom painted stocks.


                                                                    I offer my services to the discriminating hunter and shooter. Together we can design and build the rifle of your                                                                      dreams.


Please browse through the rest of my site and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.


Please make Checks and Money Orders payable to Jeff Hankins





Hankins 243 Winchester  Featured in an article of Predator Extreme


Check out this article in the April 2013 issue of Predator Xtreme magazine featuring one of my custom built 243 Winchesters. 

                    Featured Rifles

300 Winchester Magnum

Built on a Surgon action with fluted bolt and tactical knob.  The barrel is a Krieger stainless steel Match Grade M40 contour with a 1-10 twist finished at 28" plus tactical muzzle brake.  The trigger is a Jewell set at 1.5 pounds.  Bottom metal is from Badger and features an Accuracy International 10-round magazine.  The stock is a Manners MCS-T4A.  Pillar bedded and free floated.  The paint job is custom and done in my shop.  The scope is a Nightforce 5.5-22X56, 30mm tube, MOAR reticle.


Built on a Remington 700 blue printed short action, Brux #5 contour stainless steel barrel finished at 24 inches, factory trigger set at 3 lbs., Richards Microfit straightline thumbhole stock in psychadelic laminate with rosewood tip and cap, and finished with 12 coats of high gloss clear, Vortex Diamondback HP 3-12x42 AO scope with a dead-hold BDC MOA reticle, mounted in Weaver rings and bases.  This is my wife's personal deer hunting rifle.  Total weight with sling and loaded with 5 rounds is 10 lbs, 2 oz.

7 MM Remington Magnum

Built on a Defiance Rebel stainless steel long action.  The barrel is a Kreiger stainless steel Match Grade #17 contour with a 1-8.5 twist finished at 28" with a Harrells muzzle brake.  The trigger is a Jewell set at 2 pounds.  Bottom metal is PT&G stainless steel BDL.  The stock is a Manners T5-A in a custom urban camo pattern (done in my shop).  Pillar bedded and free floated.  The scope is a Nightforce 8-32X56 NSX mounted in Nightforce rings on top of a Defiance stainless steel 20 MOA Picatinny rail.

Remington Ultimate 700 Muzzleloader 45 Caliber Conversion

This rifle is built on a Remington 700 ultimate muzzleloader.  The barrel is a Brux stainless steel #17 modified contour with a 1-20 twist with a muzzle brake installed. The trigger is a Remington X-Mark Pro adjusted for a clean and crisp pull of 3 pounds. The stock is factory Remington laminated wood with alternating layers of black and grey.  The scope is a Leupold Mark 4, 4.5-14x50 LR-T Mill Dot reticle mounted in Nightforce rings on top of a Nightforce Picatinny rail.

A Triple Threat of 338's


When the distance is far, the 338 Lapua Rogue closes the gap. Consider one of these rifles for your 1000 yard work.

Client Testimonials

Reproduced With Permission

September 23, 2013


        I picked up the rifle today.  I have to say it is absolutely perfect.  I really like that stock, and the fit and finish is incredible.  Plus the fact it shoots one ragged hole for group.  I hope to send another model 7 to you after the new year.  I will also spread the word up here about your skills.





September 21, 2013


        Thanks for the new email address and my 300 Rem Ultra Mag is shooting amazing.  I'm hand loading 180 grain Barnes TTSX and getting a solid 1 inch group at 300 yards and a 1/4 inch group at 100.  You did an amazing job.

        Thanks again for a great rifle.





        Hope you are doing well and keeping busy. Frank and I are heading to Florida this Wednesday for some Tarpon fishing. Then in September my wife and I head to Wyoming for Antelope and Elk.

The rifle works great. Sweetest rifle I have ever owned.

        Thanks Again,
        Dan P.
        Elkhart, Indiana



        Just a note to tell you how happy I am with the 308 you built for me on my Sauer action.

The barrel is absolutely perfect, I'm glad you recommended the Lilja. The fluting job is amazing and the bead blasted finish you applied is the best I have ever seen. I love the McMillian stock. The very best thing about the rifle is its accuracy. I have been able to shoot .650 groups with Federal factory ammo, and I admit I am not the best bench shooter. I know if I worked at it I can get groups under a half inch.

        Anyway, thank you for building me a terrific rifle at a very affordable price. I cant wait until this fall's deer season!

        Jim Z.
        Cincinnati, Ohio




        I want you to know that your service in this matter is very much appreciated, your work is second to none.

        MSGT Jim H, USAF (Ret)
        Gallipolis, Ohio 




        Whan an awesome job, Jeff, I think it's a beauty!! A couple of the guys have seen it and you should receive some calls.  Thanks for the great work.

         Doug D.

         San Antonio, Texas




        I had a chance to shoot the rifle this past Sunday.  The 3 loads I throwed together before rain got here shot well--3/4 was best 3 shot group but will do better with a little twicking.  The workmanship on the extractor was excellent.  Will let you know more in the future.  Will decide on 6mm cal after Christmas.


         Randy D.

         Princeton, Kentucky




Got the rifle today. It really looks great. Can't wait to shoot it!


         Ed V.

         East Hampton, New York



Jim Z. forwarded this email from his son to me:


Sounds like the makings of a sweet rig! Glad we have a good friend that just happens to be a dy-no-mite riflesmith, and that we can rest assured that he'll be buildin' one shootin' sombitch!




Aloha the model 70 today.......I cannot begin to find the right words to thank you for everything. Not enough could be said of the beautiful fluting and weight reduction on the barrel. The over-all balance is also improved when inserted back into the stock. This was not anticipated. It saves me another couple of hundred dollars for not needing a lighter stock.
Although the work is so much improved for it's function and aesthetics, I feel time should be spent here on admiring your professionalism and character. You answered my every correspondence like we were living next to each very prompt. Your rate is ridiculously under-priced for the exceptional work and turn around time.
I will answer my own question as to why you do what you do.........You have pride in what you do. You simply enjoy your work and sharing it with others. That sharing has nothing to do with paying a price for work sharing in this statement goes far beyond the gleam in the eye and suddenly blank expression when opening that package. Beauty...quality...personal attention to detail...I thank you again for a job EXCEPTIONALLY WELL DONE....Thank you for having become a gunsmith by profession, and a caring person with an honest heart. We like to measure this trait with the one most important word used in our culture......ALOHA!!!! It has to come from within.....a seldom found trait.
Do feel free to use me as a positive reference to others. You ever this way or need help from 'ole Hawaii....drop me a line (808-###-####).





April 28, 2012


         I finally was able to get to the range yesterday and set up my new tifle. The wind and rain has kept me inside; otherwise I would have been out Tuesday.

        As you said, It sure is a tack driver, even just breaking in the barrel the groups are excellent and consistent. I am sure it will draw a lot of attention. Most guys around here are not used to seeing rifles like this.

        This is the finest rifle I have ever owned.  Thanks again for building a great gun and all the little extras things you put into it,, the barrel tools, thread protectors and action wrench. I realize you put a lot of yourself into what you build as well.

        Nothing speaks louder than small groups and pretty guns at the range.  I've come to realize that by the time I spend the money to "fix" a factory rifle I could have a custom for just about the same price.

         All the best
         Hal Brown.
         Enon Ohio


Dear Jeff,
        Thanks again for your professionalism during the completion of my latest project. It is rare indeed to have a person with whom a customer can have complete confidence, that the job will be done properly, honestly and in a timely manner. I appreciated your willingness to advise and explain what you thought to be the best course of action. I could not be more pleased with your work. I will never employ another gunsmith as long as you are in the business!

        Thanks again,
        Joel S.
        Sauk City, Wisconsin



        Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you getting my flash suppresser installed on my AR15 in such a short time. The kids at camp loved shooting it this weekend, and with the 22 conversion kit we were able to shoot all day.

        Thanks again and I will see you soon,
        Charlie H.
        Elsmere, Kentucky




        I have been out of town for the last few weeks and just picked up my rifle at the dealer this weekend. I mounted my scope and shot 12 rounds in a group that I can cover with a nickle.  I am so excited about this rifle I cant wait to shoot a few Coyotes with it. Beautiful job and thanks alot.

        Randy S.

        Milan, Missouri




        I drove out to my lease on Saturday morning to test fire the rifle.  Opened the gate and saw about 20 hogs standing in a field.  Got out my range finder and ranged them at 187 yards.  I layed across the hood of my truck and dropped a boar with a shot through the ear. Awesome rifle, thanks.  That was my first shot with 42 grains of Varget, 168 grain Barnes Tipped TSX, massive head damage!!! I then set up a target and fired 3- three shot groups with 42 grains & 43.5 grains.  All shots dead on at 100 yds.  Great job of setting up the scope.  The groups were 1/2 inch.  I then fired 3 shots of Federal Goldmetal Match 168 grain Sierra boatail HP match.  Once again, 1/2 inch group about an inch high. My money was well spent. I'm totally in love with this gun.


        Doug D.

        San Antonio, Texas




        I got my gun Friday and it is AWESOME!!! I haven't shot it yet but it is a beautiful gun and you did a great job on it. Thank you very much.


        Brandon P.

        Larado, Texas




        I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for a job well done.  The rifle looks good and shoots fantastic.  I am getting groups in the .200 when I do my part.  The quality of work is second to none plus quick turnaround is something not found often. Now if the local coyotes will only cooperate.


        Wayne L.

        Frankfort, Kentucky



        I know its been a few months since I received my rifle from you but I finally had the chance to shoot it for the first time this past weekend. I didnt know you already had the scope set on it but it was deadly accurate at 300 yards and when I shot at a steel plate at 450!!!! I am thouroughly pleased with the gun and it was the envy of the shooting range. My boss now wants to have one built and I gave him your contact information. Rifle season is almost here and Im ready to bust a big one with it.
        Thank you, 
        Brandon Parks 


        I received the rifle yesterday. It looks awesome.  I will follow up with you and let you know on its success on the range and hopefully on some hunts.
        Thank you,



Feb. 25, 2012


        I picked up the rifle this morning. Everything looks great, the fit and finish is perfect. I saw your targets. Looks like the Winchesters were very good. I am going to try and shoot tomorrow. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks again for everything and a great job.

        Ronnie Jones
        Ashland, VA.




        First match with the new barrel was a 500 yard F-class match near Evansville, In. I won the F Open division with a score of 582 out of 600 with 24X. Finished second overall to Jim Murphy who shot F/TR with a score of 591 out of 600 with 23X. Jim Murphy is one of the top F-Class shooters in the world. I was suprised when he showed up at a local match but it is close to his home in Owensboro. Mr Murphy was shooting a .223 with a barnard action and a Bartlein barrel. In the first 20 round match I shot a 196 out of 200 with 10x. There was less wind and mirage in this match and this was a better indicator of the rifle. The 4 nine's I shot were just outside the 10 ring. Overall the rifle did its part, if I could just do my part better with the wind and mirage. The rifle can defintly win matches......Thanks for building a great shooter...

        Jerry Southard
        Hanson, KY.




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